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6 min readDec 10, 2023

Games and crypto sound like a lot of fun until you find yourself in the midst of hosting live streams and researching tokens, genres, and technological innovations. It’s still enjoyable, but it also involves a significant amount of work — especially when your day job and social life demand constant attention too. It’s manageable, as long as we don’t destroy every last coffee bean on the planet; we shall prevail.

Here at Fish and Chips, we strive to bring entertaining and insightful content to our members. Furthermore, we aim to attract the best and most curious minds out there to foster diverse learning and knowledge practices. While wolves may come in packs and bees gather as hives, fish — well, a group of those is not called a school for nothing. Fries are delicious, which says enough. Or do you need more food for thought? Anyway, the bottom line is that this project was born out of the desire to build a platform and community with like-minded people who want to discuss and share all the wonders that blockchain offers and enjoy fun games together.

Our Concept Evolves

Of course, we cannot rely on the community to do all the heavy lifting; therefore, we are doing our best behind the scenes to create exciting content for our members. On one hand, we regularly publish articles about useful topics for crypto beginners (though veterans can certainly benefit as well) to gain a foothold in the vast oceans of endless information. Sometimes you just need a place to start, and we hope that our articles can be that starting point for crypto enthusiasts on their journey to financial freedom. On the other hand, we focus on the gaming side and the joys of life. Our Twitch live streams go out every Friday, where we currently play games such as Marbles on Stream and Stream Raiders. Participants earn points by winning marble races, which are cumulatively recorded during the monthly season. At the end, fun NFT prizes can be won.

But that’s not where our plans end, not at all. We have hardly begun to turn some of our ideas from paper to practice. There are so many ideas, and some will undoubtedly test our capabilities, know-how, and patience. It’s safe to say that budgetary constraints will also be an issue, so patience is definitely a virtue we need to work on. However, we also have ideas that are slowly coming to fruition and will hopefully receive the same appreciation as the love we have given them while making them a reality.

For starters, we are working on our first NFT collection. The genesis range is called SEA LAIFE and will premiere on OpenSea (because there is clearly no better marketplace for an aquatic-themed collection) in early Q1 of 2024.

So far, it’s been a rather exhilarating journey with joys and bumps all along the way. Turbulence is to be expected in any type of endeavor, so we are embracing it with all the might we have. However, the many long nights with little sleep have not kept us from dreaming.

It’s in these moments when you realize that you are doing this for the pleasure of your community members and lowkey recognize that they probably have no idea what kind of effort goes into our output. Of course, having the idea can be straightforward, perhaps just a moment under the shower, but then you have to remember it after stepping out of the steaming stream of hot relaxation. We’ve all had moments of revolutionary inspiration, only to forget the powerful message once we step out of the bathroom.

Luckily, this was not the case for once. The idea stuck, and then it all started. Endless chat logs to discuss the idea led to more discussions to formalize the concept, define the creatures, imagine viable backgrounds, assign classifications and purposes, and (oh my god) we have to name them all too. Now, here we are, midway at the beginning of the adventure, with presentable visuals to share on screen (he wrote teasingly without adding more than a silhouette image).

Sometimes, I won’t deny the truth, what could be seen as a fantastic idea was merely a stroke of luck caused by a typo that autocorrect didn’t catch. This comes to show that you can plan as much detail as you want for your chances of success; sometimes, dumb luck is a greater player than you can imagine. That said, without our enthusiasm, dedication, and will to create something of value, we would be nowhere. Fortune favors the brave, right? Let the bold statement be made that what we shall unveil next year is going to be worth your anticipation.

How we Benefit Together is Key

That said, why are we doing this in the first place? Fish and Chips is about discussions, sharing knowledge, and learning on one hand, and gaming fun on the other. While we don’t intend to become a blockchain project seeking out investors or directly monetizing our content, the underlying concept is to generate income streams (such as live stream ad revenue, validator hosting rewards, royalties, etc.) to further improve our content deliverables.

For this purpose, we believe that launching a utility-bearing NFT collection can be the perfect concept. You can always come and be part of the community discussion. You can always join the game nights to win prizes. However, if you are not an NFT holder, you won’t get a cool and unique Discord role, you won’t get a special profile picture version of your non-fungible token, and you will most certainly not be eligible for the monthly “Sharing is Caring” draw (which is a token of appreciation from our side to give back a cut of the revenue stream to our members). Stay tuned for more details on this.

In our opinion, this concept is certainly a win-win for everyone, and we do not intend to limit the utility to the above-mentioned. Over time, our think tank will come up with more ideas, such as giving people live stream rights to roll a dice to increase their points tally (but the dice goes from -2 to +4 because with every perk comes risk and a teachable moment).

We don’t Want to do this Alone

Furthermore, NFT holders will also get whitelist spots for future events and offerings that may come our way through partnerships. Currently, we enjoy the incredible support of the gaming champions over at CXG Gaming and the racing heroes from MarbleVerse, who have made our efforts better than we could have imagined last summer.

Last but not least, we are currently working on a collaboration with a local artist to have some new types of giveaways for our game night participants. As fun as NFTs, crypto tokens, and earning in-game points are, we believe that people also like to win things they can eventually hold in their hands. Without giving too much away, we believe that this co-branded idea will be exciting to play for and will help bring more people to the community from outside of the crypto universe. Broad insights and outside perspectives in any field and industry are key for further growth, and that is what we should desire in a sustainable manner throughout every ecosystem.

With that said, we will leave you to further holiday preparations and silently hope that we have sparked your excitement to be an active Fish and Chips community member in 2024 (and beyond). Keep an eye out for further announcements on Discord and X about our current and future plans.



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